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Evaluation of the potential of perennial cereal cultivation for carbon storage (KlimaGetreide)


Assessment of the climate protection potential of perennial cereal cropping systems (pure seed and mixed cropping with legumes) in comparison to current annual cereal cropping systems



  • Recording of above- and below-ground biomass development to determine the carbon storage potential as well as yield data and quality-determining ingredients (plot and pot trials)
  • Studies on soil water use, nitrogen dynamics and nitrate leaching
  • Comparative studies on the soil microbiome and its contribution to soil fertility and carbon storage
  • Recording of entomological species diversity, flower availability for pollinators and basic studies on disease pressure due to a possible accumulation of pathogens at the site


Climate effect under consideration

Increased carbon storage and improved nitrogen utilisation through higher year-round above- and below-ground biomass formation

Contact persons

JKI, Institute for Epidemiology and Pathogen Diagnostics

Dr. Yvonne Becker

Dr. Wolfgang Maier

Link to project page: KlimaGetreide


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