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Economic and ecological potentials of paludiculture on rewetted peatlands for climate change mitigation (MOCOR)

Opportunities for commercial use of paludiculture in construction materials and other products considering opportunities and obstacles of relevant value chains


Analysis of income alternatives for farmers in wet peatland management and the use of raw materials from paludiculture for the construction sector



  • Yield estimation of paludiculture considering peatland site characteristics and suitability using GIS data
  • Stakeholder interviews along paludiculture value chains
  • Estimation of opportunity costs and revenue potentials
  • Cost-benefit analysis for building materials from paludiculture compared to conventional construction materials


Climate effect under consideration

Greenhouse gas savings potential through the wet use of peatlands, the substitution of energy-intensive construction materials with materials from paludicultures, and their disposal or recycling properties

Contact persons

JKI, Institute for Strategies and Technology Assessment

Jovanka Saltzmann

Saskia Bacher

Dr. Burkhard Golla

Dr. Oliver Maaß


JKI, Institute for Crop and Soil Sciences

Dr. Maren Langhof

Dr. Doreen Koltermann

Link to project page:  MOCOR

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