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Remote sensing for improved climate reporting (KlimaFern)


Comprehensive coverage of agricultural use with satellite data to improve the data basis for climate reporting for the LULUCF sector (land use, land use change, forestry)



  • Development of instruments for the area-wide collection and evaluation of activity data based on temporally and spatially high-resolution satellite data of different systems (optical and radar)
  • Generating a data basis for monitoring of measures in the LULUCF sub-sector "agricultural land use" (a) for humus conservation in arable land, (b) for conservation of permanent grassland as well as (c) of soil carbon content in arable land
  • Calculation of indicators from the satellite data, which are used not only for climate change monitoring, but also to characterise other ecosystem services provided by agriculture


Climate effect under consideration

Improved estimation of the scope and development of activity data (including GHG mitigation measures) in agricultural land use

Contact persons

Thünen Institute, Institute of Climate-Smart Agriculture

Prof. Dr. Axel Don

Dr. Roland Fuß


Link to project page: KlimaFern


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