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Organic livestock farming as a contribution to climate protection - with a focus on animal diseases and epidemics (ÖTiKliS)


Optimising animal health by developing adapted husbandry systems in harmony with the lowest possible GHG emissions



  • Evaluation of organic and conventional pig and poultry farms with regard to animal health, structural conditions and biosecurity measures, as well as carrying out supplementary emission measurements
  • Determining the carbon footprint of different types of housing and the impact of construction measures on emissions
  • Preparation of recommendations and decision trees regarding measures and provision of information in an online tool for agriculture

Climate effect under consideration

Impact of animal health on the carbon footprint of farm animals (pigs, poultry)

Contact persons

Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute, Institute of Epidemiology

Dr. Anna Herrmann

Dr. Carola Sauter-Louis

Natalie Wischnewski

University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf

Prof. Dr. Dr. Eva Zeiler

Link to project page:   ÖTiKliS

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