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Preventing stored product pests in Germany (AVoiD)


Development of optimised above- and below-ground storage structures for bulk grains adapted to rising annual mean temperatures to minimise pest infestation and respiration losses and reduce spoilage due to moisture and mould.
Monitoring of insects harmful to stocks in the field and in storage facilities in various regions of Germany in order to determine the occurrence and spread of established and possibly new pest species.



  • Monitoring of grain quality (sensor technology, microbiology, technical quality) during the storage process
  • Evaluation of different storage methods according to economic, ecological and social criteria
  • Investigation of new types of gas-tight storage facilities for bulk grain, if necessary with regeneratively assisted cooling
  • Development of optimised trap systems with attractants for the early detection of insect pests and testing on selected farms


Climate effect under consideration:

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by avoiding quantity and quality losses after harvesting and reducing the use of pesticides

Contact persons

JKI, Institute for Ecological Chemistry, Plant Analysis and Stored Product Protection

Dr. Cornel Adler

Dr. Benjamin Fürstenau

Dr. Christina Müller-Blenkle

Camilla Albrecht


JKI, Institute for Strategies and Technology Assessment

Jovanka Saltzmann

Julia Büchner


Thünen Institute, Institute of Market Analysis

Dr. Felicitas Schneider

Jones Athai


Max Rubner-Institut, Department of Safety and Quality of Cereals

Dr. Jens Begemann


Links to project pages:   AvoiD / JKI und AvoiD / Thünen

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