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Nitrogen optimised rapeseed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (NORA)


Improving the ecological balance of rapeseed cultivation by increasing the N-efficiency of winter rapeseed



  • Identification of important genetic determinants and improvement of prediction models for faster selection of N-efficient varieties and analysis of the carbon footprint of the respective genotypes
  • Regression analyses for modelling biomass, N uptake and chlorophyll content based on multispectral drone images and in-situ references
  • Analysis of vegetation dynamics, yield formation and nutrient use efficiency using genotype × environment × management-specific mixed linear models


Climate effect under consideration

Winter rapeseed varieties with increased N-efficiency and at the same time improved carbon footprint


Contact persons

JKI, Institute for Resistance Research and Stress Tolerance

Prof. Dr. Andreas Stahl

Dr. Jonathan Brassac

Sebastian Warnemünde


JKI, Institute for Crop and Soil Science

Dr. Heike Gerighausen

Dennis Löwe

JKI, Institute for Strategies and Technology Assessment

Dr. Til Feike

Michelle Viswanathan

Link to project page:  NORA


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