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Climate-friendly nutrition from the perspective of consumers and society (ENKL)

Social dimension of climate-friendly nutrition (sub-project MRI); Climate-friendly food (sub-project Thünen)


  • Investigation of social effects of nutrition and development of options for a socially acceptable design of nutrition with a focus on food production and processing as well as final consumption
  • Identification of difficulties as well as possible solution strategies in implementing climate-friendly nutritional behaviour of consumers in everyday life as well as the influence of the food environment



  • Literature research, guideline-based interviews
  • Involvement of experts from different societal areas and participatory development of action-oriented knowledge
  • Group discussions, behavioural experiments, online survey (multivariate analyses)


Climate effects under consideration

  • Generating a better understanding of the social dimension of food and contributing to strengthening social acceptability as prerequisites for climate protection and sustainability
  • Contribution to climate protection through changes in the dietary behaviour of consumers

Contact persons

Max-Rubner-Institute, Department of Nutritional Behaviour

Dr. Carmen Priefer

Felix Bröcker

Sarah Kohane

Sonja Kollmann

Thünen Institute, Institute of Market Analysis

Dr. Inken Christoph-Schulz

Nina Di Guida

Franziska Mathias

Rebecca Derstappen

Links to project pages:  ENKL / MRI; ENKL / Thünen


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