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Sustainable emission models for environmentally sound cattle feeding (NEMUR)


Recommendations for the design of low-emission feed rations without compromising performance and animal health



  • Feed ration design for dairy cows that varies in terms of energy and nutrient concentration, including the use of feeds produced in a resource-efficient manner
  • Animal-specific recording of methane emissions and animal health / animal welfare with the help of the use of various sensors
  • Genotyping of the experimental animals to take into account animal genetic influences


Climate effect under consideration

Reduced emissions from ruminal digestion in dairy cows

Contact persons

Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute, Institute of Animal Nutrition

Dr. Dirk von Soosten

Dr. Erik Bannert

Prof. Sven Dänicke

Dr. Ulrich Meyer

Markus Peschel

Dr. Christin Unruh

Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute, Institute of Farm Animal Genetics

Prof. Claudia Klein

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