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Production and use of wood fibre as a peat substitute (HoFaTo)


Increasing the potential use of wood fibre in growing media optimised by increased nitrogen content and improved resistance to microbial degradation



  • Fibre production from different raw materials, testing of methods to reduce N immobilisation by enriching lignin and nitrogen onto the wood fibres
  • Testing of the phytotoxic effect of the fibres and extracts by seedling tests
  • Testing (pre-)optimised fibres in horticultural trials
  • Standard-compliant life cycle assessments and determination of the GHG reduction contribution through the replacement of peat with wood fibre from indigenous raw and residual materials


Climate effect under consideration

Greenhouse gas saving potential of peat substitutes from wood

Contact persons

JKI, Institute for Plant Protection in Horticulture and Urban Green

Dr. Ute Katharina Vogler

Dr. Benjarong Karbowy-Thongbai

Dr. Nora Roesky

Links to project pages:  HoFaTo / Thünen und HoFaTo / JKI


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