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Greenhouse Gas Neutral Germany: Effects on the Economy and Living Conditions in Rural Areas (TREND:LR)


Analysis of economic, social and funding policy aspects related to the transformation towards greenhouse gas neutrality in Germany by 2045



  • Systematic literature review and analysis of proposed policies, analysis of statistical data
  • Deployment of the Delphi method for scenario development and identification of different development paths
  • Identification of possible effects on the economy, living conditions, and integrated rural development policies by interviewing, surveying, and organising workshops with academics and practitioners
  • Investigating the extent to which current integrated rural development funding instruments could better contribute towards reaching the goals of the German Greenhouse Gas Neutrality policy


Climate effect under consideration

Intended climate neutrality by 2045

Contact persons

Thünen Institute, Institute of Rural Studies

Dr. Patrick Küpper

Dr. Alexandru Brad

Dr. Stefan Becker

Fenja Guhl

Thünen Institute, Institute of Rural Economics

Dr. Martin Simmler

Dr. Israel Garcia Dominguez

Link to project page:  Trend:LR


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