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Exploiting climate protection potentials through improved crop rotation design (KlimaFFolgen)

Germany-wide potential analysis and development of a plot-specific decision support system


Development of a field-specific decision support system for improved crop rotations



  • Remote sensing data-based crop rotation analysis, including identification of catch crops and crop residues
  • Coupled life cycle assessment (LCA) and process-based agroecosystem modelling for comprehensive GHG accounting of diverse crop rotations
  • Development of a coupled plant-soil model including programming of the user interface


Climate effect under consideration

Carbon sequestration potentials and overall GHG reduction potentials of improved and climate-optimised crop rotations

Contact persons

JKI, Institute for Strategies and Technology Assessment

Dr. Til Feike

Dr. Ahmed Attia

Arno de Kock

Patryk Fussek

Carsten Marohn

Sebastian Preidl

Dr. Jörn Strassemeyer


JKI, Institute for Crop and Soil Science

Dr. Heike Gerighausen

Phillip Lemke

Shanmugapriya Selvaraj

Link to project page:  KlimaFFolgen


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