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Sustainable forest management and timber use

Forests play a crucial role as a net carbon sink in the sequestration of carbon in biomass. However, the forest is suffering from the weather extremes and the associated increase in calamities in recent years. This requires efforts towards more climate-resilient forest management. This includes forest conversion as well as reforestation with suitable tree species and genotypes. In addition, Germany is increasingly exporting calamity wood, which is previously fumigated with the strong greenhouse gas sulphuryldifluoride in order to kill harmful organisms. Reducing the consumption of sulphuryldifluoride and replacing it with alternative gases and phytosanitary methods is an important goal.


Incentive effects, acceptance and climate effectiveness of different remuneration options for climate protection in forestry (AnAKHon)


Climate-neutral fumigation processes and alternative treatment methods for the export of round timber (KLIMAtiv)


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